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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hello again,

It’s Blog #3 already! As I sit here quarantined at home typing this blog, I can’t help but think about a time where we weren't trapped inside all day and night. A time in which I was happily vibing in a dance studio full of superhuman, crazy talented kids battling it out to see who were the best dancers that day. Enjoying the sweet sounds of classic Breaking music as my head bopped and my heart stopped at every corner of the dance floor. Young children defying gravity! Spinning numerous times on their heads, flipping their bodies around in every which angle, but most importantly...watching the confidence on every child's face exuding with every beat hit, every move executed, and every battle won. These kids lit the flame inside my heart that makes me want to keep dancing, keep progressing and most importantly keep educating! Ain’t no better feeling! “New Kids on the Block 2019” will definitely be an event that I will remember forever, and here's why.  

Back in December 2019, we at Dynasty Breaking NYC hosted an event with the “Kids Breaking League”. The Kids Breaking League (KBL) is a league dedicated to raising the next generation of dancers through numerous organized breaking battles JUST FOR KIDS! What they’re doing is quite incredible. I myself along with my crew didn't have this resource when we were coming up, so it's been an exciting journey to witness the growth of the KBL and where it's headed. I could go on all day about the KBL, but that's for another blog. 

Ok let's get to it shall we! “New Kids On The Block” 2019, lets talk preparation. If anyone reading this has ever organized an event, from a small get together to maybe your daughter or sisters wedding, a simple Super Bowl party to the company Christmas party at the plaza, you know that organizing an event can be stressful, tedious and time consuming. It's no different for a kids breaking battle. Especially if you're someone like me who really cares for the culture and the youth growing up in it. We wanted this event to be as close to the principles of Hip-Hop as we could get it to be. A true representation of Peace, Unity, Love and of course HAVING FUN! We knew the atmosphere had to be right, and that all starts with the quality of the guest at our event.

My team and I spent weeks contacting all of the major breaking schools in the N.Y.C and Tri-State region. These schools are the individuals building up the Tri-State breaking Scene so it was important for us to have them at our battle. Next on our checklist were the judges who would decide the fate of our young dancers. It was important to us that we had a group of judges that represented experience, current activity in the battle scene, contribution and  being straight-up legendary! Now all of the judges I’m about to mention have experience (why would we ask them to judge they didn’t?). The judges who are currently active in the battle scene were “Malo” and “Uncle Will” from the X-fenz crew, Malo is the type of dancer who exudes personality and presence while Uncle Will is super-dynamic with his movement, a straight powerhouse and a great friend to my crew “5 Crew Dynasty”. Next up was Kilo from “The Titans”. This guy pours an original mindset into everything he does, mixing and matching movement with an interesting flexible style of breaking. Now on to G.I Jane repping “NBK'' Crew straight outta Jersey(Redman Voice)! G.I Jane has been contributing to building up the Scene in Jersey for as long as I can remember. She’s been an active B-girl my whole breaking career and spends her time instructing kids in the Jersey Scene. Finally, on to our final judge. We we’re very excited to have this person on the panel, AB-Girl repping the “Domestic Apes” Crew! This woman is a straight up LIVING LEGEND in the N.Y. breaking scene and beyond. She was actually one of the first B-girls I’ve witnessed competing at such a high level. The panel was stacked, diverse and ready for action. It was an honor having every one of them judge the event. 

Next on our agenda was the music! The sweet, sweet music(I mean it really all comes down to the music, right?!). We had secured Dj Ruggz on the 1’s and 2’s, A.K.A. Bboy “Rugrat”. Rugrat is like the Youngest O.G (Original B-boy) that you could ever meet. He was Breaking way before we even started and was always very good with dancing to the music, so it would make sense that he would venture into another element of Hip-Hop. Dj Ruggz is the middle child between a few generations, and provided the event with old classics as well as new school fresh beats for the cyphers and the battle floor.  

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…it’s battle time! So many dope crews/schools were in the house! The Dynamic Kids, The Mighty Geese, Brooklyn Breaking Academy, 6 Steps Before The Lord, Brewster Breakers, Studio 7 and of course our hometown heroes Dynasty Breaking NYC. As the cyphers cooled down, and the music settled the competitors stepped on and off the dance floor. Victory, defeat, confidence, self expression, life lessons, all of these elements were experienced by our young beginners category competitors, and now the final battle! It turned out to be a 3-way battle between two pairs of DBNYC crews and Brewster Breakers. 3 groups, but only one would take home the win. These beginners were bringing the heat! Bboy Z from Brewster Breakers lit up the dance floor, his moves as flashy as the L.E.D lights in the soles of his shoes, he showed tight execution in his movements as he moved about the dance floor with sharp quick footwork. Newcomers to the beginners bracket and to battling in events, Bboy’s Dior and O-live definitely stood out with unique character, sharp top rock and solid freezes. They were super hyped and super hungry considering that they had actually made it to the final battle. Finally the Two that truly finessed the dance floor with style, flow, execution and character. Bboy's Electric Maddz and Rocky Ralph. These guys balanced each other out perfectly! Rocky Ralph’s fiery battle attitude, and flavorful top rock dripped with so much style and personality, connecting with the music so much so that you would think he composed the songs himself! Electric Maddz was on a whole other level during this battle! He held a silent confidence that could only be obtained through hours of hard work and dedication. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and executed even almost at an intermediate level. His body maneuverability and control was not that of a 6 year old dancer, but a few years beyond. This kid definitely has a bright future in this dance, so be on the lookout! All in all the final battle was SUPER HOT FIRE every other round and we couldn't have asked for a more exciting beginners finally.  

The finals of the intermediate category was jam packed with higher level dynamic moves, memorable moments and the feistiest up and coming B-girls in the NYC and Jersey scene. Dynasty Breaking N.Y.C, The Mighty Geese and Brooklyn Breaking Academy in another 3-way winner take all showdown! The Brooklyn Breaking Academy performed very charismatically as they always do, but the highlights of this battle really came from DBNYC and The Mighty Geese. Two pairs of girls that exploded back and forth with every round(The girl-power is REAL!). B-girl Thunderknuckle of the Mighty Geese set the pace of the battle busting out a front somersault onto the battle floor, transitioning into fresh clean foot work. Her partner B-girl Skramblez provided the sazon(that's a latin seasoning..hahaha) for their overall performance with crazy swag and energy(that girls a firecracker). DBNYC responded right away with B-girl Zoe jumping into a one-handed air freeze as she quickly stole the energy of the crowd (classic battle tactic!). Now that she had gained some momentum her super dope freeze was followed up with quick intricate footwork and flow. Every detail mapped out, every movement intentional all building up to her finishing signature flexible freeze(I couldn't tell you the name of it) leaving her body looking like a Hip-Hop pretzel. Up until now these fiery females were evenly matched, but the 2nd round changed the pace as DBNYC performed a routine showcasing their flexibility, teamwork and ability to create a story using threads with each other's bodies (Next Level!). The routine commando’d (or left out)  B-girl Magic into her final round where she immediately unleashed an onslaught of original sweeps, threads and back bends all leading up to one of her signature Blow Up moves “The Magic-Stack” in which she goes from a bridge position on her head, into a full bridge on her hands and pushes up into an Invert Freeze all while switching her legs into different positions the entire time! The crowd went wild, the overall effort of B-girl Zoe and Magic was enough to secure a victory against their B-girl counterparts, who made it extremely difficult to win with their wings furiously flapping in extraordinary Mighty Geese fashion. 


All this excitement and we haven't even gotten to the advanced bracket in our story! Let's move on shall we! As expected, the advance bracket proved to provide some of the most exciting moments of the event. These kids are literally on-par and able to compete with adults so it was exciting to see the next generation of pro B-boy's and B-girls going at it. Instead of talking about the final battle I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favorite rounds. One of these rounds left me completely speechless. “Quiet Storm” from the Dynamic kids is definitely one of the best kids coming out of NYC, and this next round solidified that statement so pay attention carefully. First off this kid is tiny and adorable, but his silent confidence makes him seem like a little man whose focus cannot be broken as he executes every move he makes. Starting out his round, he jumps onto one hand then drops down to his elbow and then down to his head! BOOM(explosions)! Right from his head, he transitions smoothly into one of his signature power moves “windmills”, and then continues to transition into headspins, finishing with headspin “drills” (Spinning on your head with both legs pointed straight up in the air). Next up on my list of favorite rounds is Bboy “Fu” straight out of the Brooklyn Breaking Academy! This kid's moves are slicker than the tan on his Lebanese skin! Fu came out blazing with a butterfly twist (an extremely advanced move where the dancer jumpings into the air and does a 360 spin, parallel to the floor before landing on their feet). As he lands on his feet he turns his body upside down into his own spin of a signature power move, a 90 or “1990” (another advance move where the dancer spins around upside down on ONE hand). The heat during these battles was serious, and one of the dancers to really turn up the temperature in the room was Bboy “Rebel”. This kid made it to the finals in a 2 vs 2 advance battle BY HIMSELF! Shout outs to the homie Rebel for accomplishing such a feat! I was truly amazed with all of the dancers that showed up to the event! The advanced bracket truly displayed the potential and the near future of the N.Y.C breaking scene. 

We were very happy with the turnout of our event, and super proud of my students for defending their turf, and giving it there all in every battle! We put our students through some “Hyperbolic time chamber training”(Dragon Ball Z reference). We were very satisfied with the results of all of the intense training our students went through. Thank you to everyone who supported our event, and everyone who continues to show love to our school! Shoutouts to the entire board of the KBL, and of course Kid Glyde for creating an organization as amazing as the KBL! Thank you to and for supporting the KBL. Thank you to all of our judges who gave their time and energy. Thank you Dj Ruggz, and thank you MC Paranoia who kept the whole crowd entertained with his knowledge of breaking and witty commentary as he announced the battles. Thank you to Sol-dance center for allowing us to hold our event at your studio. Make sure to check the links below for our RECAP VIDEO of “NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK” 2019. Thank you for reading and continuing to support the youth of our city!   

2 vs 2 beginner category winners - Dynasty Breaking NYC: Electric Maddz and Rocky Ralf

2nd place - Dynasty Breaking NYC: Dior and O-live

2 vs 2 Intermediate category winners - Dynasty Breaking NYC: Bgirl Zoe and Bgirl Magic

2nd place - The mighty Geese/Across The floor: Bgirl Skramblez and Bgirl Thunderknuckle

2 vs 2 Advanced category winners - Dynamic Kidz: Quiet Storm and Jflow

2nd place - Brooklyn Breaking Academy/Dynamic kidz: Bboy Fu and Quickster

School vs School beginner crew - Brewster Breakers

School vs School Intermediate crew - Dynasty Breaking NYC

Written by Anthony "Trix" Pacheco & Stephen "Rampage" Difede

Photography credit - Bboy Static Photography

IG - @bboystatic Facebook - @bboystaticnyc

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