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Summer 2024 Intensive announced!

Check out the 'Locations' Page for more info.

Two new classes including "Little Breaks" for 4 & 5 year olds and Urban Tumbling

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Our Mission at Dynasty Breaking NYC is to educate the youth in the art of breaking as well as the culture of Hip-Hop. Through our program our students have achieved a higher sense of confidence and have developed fundamental attributes that have played a part in their advancement as positive adolescents. Through teaching breaking we have emphasized the values of hard work, teamwork, confidence, perseverance and discipline.

Our students are faced with situations in which they must display these essential characteristics in order to progress and achieve daily goals as an individual and as a team.

Breaking  has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It has been sponsored by  major corporations throughout the world. “The spinning, twisting style of street dance is one of three new sports added to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.” Whether or not  you are interested in a program training kids to compete at a national level or simply a recreational activity, our skilled instructors can design the perfect platform for your students. In addition to breaking, our instructors are also trained in Gymnastics, House Dancing, and Hip-hop. Through our carefully crafted teaching methods we are preparing our students to compete at a high level in both the national and international scene of breaking. We want breaking to inspire our students and provide them with a positive and healthy outlook on life.


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